Hickey, Anna Rose

Cemetery Records
Name: Hickey, Anna Rose
Lot: 1727
Grave: I
Date of Death:
Date of Interment: 8/8/1990
Funeral Home:
Date of Purchase: 8/27/1970
Purchased By: Elsie Hickey
Notes: Age 93
In same lot
Lot & GraveNameHeadstoneTranscriptionPhotos
1727 AGibson, Gladys S
1727 BGibson, Harlon O
1727 CKuehne, Caroline
1727 DKuehne, Herbert
1727 ECook, James
1727 GHickey, reserved
1727 HHickey, Leo F
1727 JStenner, Minnie
1727 KStenner, Adam G
Photos No Pictures