Akins, Ruth W

Cemetery Records
Name: Akins, Ruth W
Lot: 1463
Grave: K
Date of Death:
Date of Interment: 1/21/1969
Funeral Home: Miller FH
Date of Purchase: 1/30/1960
Purchased By: Elmer and Ruth Akins
Notes: Age 71.
In same lot
Lot & GraveNameHeadstoneTranscriptionPhotos
1463 ASortino, reserved
1463 BSortino, Roy Paul
1463 CClark, Marguerite
1463 DClark, Florence
1463 EClark, Susie E
1463 GStruck, Lenora O
1463 HSchlieman, Henry J
1463 ITierson, June
1463 JTierson, William
Photos No Pictures