Ostrander, Birdienia

Cemetery Records
Name: Ostrander, Birdienia
Lot: 888
Grave: A
Date of Death:
Date of Interment: 5/6/1948
Funeral Home:
Date of Purchase: 4/4/1925
Purchased By: Charles F Walker
Notes: Loc A shared with Birdienia Beard, DOI 1989. Age 42 years, 2 months and 20 days.
In same lot
Lot & GraveNameHeadstoneTranscriptionPhotos
888 ABeard, Birdienia Alice
888 BYendes, Ramona
888 CWalker, Elbert W
888 DWalker, Birdienia M
888 EWalker, Charles Francis
888 GOckenden, Thomas B
888 HOckenden, Agnes C
888 HWilliams, Helen M
888 IOckenden, Fletcher Eugene
888 JWillink, Barbara Ann
888 JWillink, Harriet
888 KWillink, Ross J
Photos No Pictures