Aldrich, Samuel

Cemetery Records
Name: Aldrich, Samuel
Lot: 834
Grave: A
Date of Death:
Date of Interment: 12/19/1942
Funeral Home:
Date of Purchase:
Purchased By: Samuel S Aldrigh
Notes: Age 64. Probable original spelling was Aldrigh. PC address for Clyde Aldrich is 110 Alexander St., Rochester, NY (or 110 Allendale St. and previous address of 63 Gardner Park)
In same lot
Lot & GraveNameHeadstoneTranscriptionPhotos
834 BAldrigh, Minnie W.
834 CAldrigh, reserved
834 GSeifert, Charles
834 HSmith, Rose Frantz
834 IWalters, May
834 JSeifert, reserved
834 KBeisheim, Grace
834 LBeisheim, Walter H
Photos No Pictures