Adams, Jane K

Cemetery Records
Name: Adams, Jane K
Lot: 452
Grave: L
Date of Death:
Date of Interment: 03/17/1842
Funeral Home:
Date of Purchase:
Purchased By: Leonard Adams
In same lot
Lot & GraveNameHeadstoneTranscriptionPhotos
452 ABoody, reserved
452 BBoody, Anna
452 CMiller, Charles Russell
452 CPardees, Son of Chas.
452 DSmith, Charles C
452 ESmith, Bertha
452 FSmith, Clarence C
452 GKlinke, reserved
452 HKlinke, Nancy & Norman (twins)
452 IKlinke, Frank & Charles (twins)
452 JAdams, George
452 KAdams, George
Photos No Pictures